Texas Governor Abbott ships 42 migrants from Rio Grande to Los Angeles by bus


A group of 42 migrants arrived in Los Angeles by chartered bus last Wednesday, after being sent there as part of a reactionary political stunt by Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

The migrants, who are from Central and South America, departed the Texas Rio Grande Valley 23 hours earlier and, after enduring the 1,600 mile trip without food, were met at Union Station in Los Angeles by immigration rights workers. The Los Angeles Times reported that the migrant group included eight children.

Defending his act of cruelty, which violates the fundamental rights of the migrants, Abbott wrote in a social media post, “Small Texas border towns remain overrun & overwhelmed because Biden refuses to secure the border.” He added, “LA is a city migrants seek to go to, particularly now its leaders approved its self-declared sanctuary status.”

Immigrants at the Central Processing Center in McAllen, Texas [Photo: US Customs and Border Protection]

That the governor’s actions are aimed at stirring up anti-immigrant hatred within the US population is evident is the false claim that Biden is refusing to secure the border. Coinciding with the lifting of the Title 42 expulsion rules—implemented by the Trump administration to summarily remove asylum seekers on the basis of cynical public health considerations at the start of the pandemic—the Biden White House has put into place an immigration policy at the southern border that is seeking to more effectively ban migrants from entering.

Governor Abbott said this was “the 1st bus” sent to LA, although his office did not respond immediately to requests for more information about whether more buses would be dispatched.


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