South Australia opens skilled migration program 2021-22: Everything you need to know


Skilled migrants in South Australia (currently residing) who meet the state government and Department of Home Affairs’ rules are eligible to apply for state nominations in the following categories:

1. Talent and Innovators Program

Creating opportunities and pathways for those who want to contribute to South Australia’s priority growth industries.

2. International Graduate of South Australia

Unless otherwise specified for your occupation, SA graduates must have worked in their nominated or closely related occupation for the last three months in South Australia (post-course completion).

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3. Currently working in South Australia (including long-term residents)

If you live and work in outer regional South Australia, or if you are a long-term resident living and working in SA, you may be eligible for skilled work experience exemptions.

4. Offshore Interest Registration – Critical Skills

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Offshore applicants can now apply for specific trade and health occupations. If you meet the published requirements for your occupation, you can submit a Registration of Interest application.

Applicants can then apply for the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa Subclass 491 (five-year visa) and the Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 after receiving the state nomination (permanent visa).

Offshore applicants, on the other hand, must submit a letter of intent demonstrating skills in specific trades and health-related occupations, as well as English proficiency.

  • For candidates from other countries the requirements are:
    RoI (Registration of Interest) denoting specific trades and health-related professions
  • English proficiency certificate
  • Two to eight years of work experience (depending on priority) in the occupation
  • Superior command of English

List of occupations for applicants from other countries

Offshore applicants who wish to apply under the Talent and Innovators programme must also submit a RoI.

  • Maintenance planner
  •  Fitter (general)
  • Bricklayer
  • Fitter and turner
  • Roof tiler
  • Metal machinist
  • Panel beater
  • Floor finisher
  • Stonemason
  • Carpet and joiner
  • Painting trade worker
  • Glazier, wall, and floor tiler

Offshore applicants must have at least two years of work experience, or five years if closely related to the occupation, and a strong command of the English language. Those with eight years of work experience and a superior level of English will be given priority in some occupations.

For onshore candidates

Onshore applicants who meet the state and federal requirements are eligible to apply for a nomination. They may be eligible for the 491 or 190 visa depending on the length of their work experience in the state.

Exemptions have also been granted by the state government to applicants who live and work in outer and regional South Australia. A long-term resident, for example, who works in a field other than his or her nominated skilled occupation or one that is closely related to it, may also be eligible for the state nomination.

International graduates from South Australia who meet the state’s study requirements can earn bonus points when applying for either of the two visa subclasses.

  • RoI eligibility (applying for the Talent and Innovators programme)
  • It is determined by work experience in the state


  • The South Australian government has granted applicants in the outer and regional zones exemptions (living and working). Long-term residents, for example, who work in a closely related field are also eligible to apply for state nomination.
  • International graduates who meet all of South Australia’s study requirements will receive bonus points when applying for one of two visa subclasses.


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