Lawyer slams Malaysian Immigration Department’s excessive bureaucracy, Chinese student endures month-long detention


MALAYSIA— A Chinese national student who went to Malaysia to pursue a master’s degree was unexpectedly detained by the Malaysian Immigration Department for nearly a month.

This ordeal pushed him to the brink of collapse and led him to go on a hunger strike in protest.

Fortunately, in the recent update on Monday (3 July), his lawyer confirmed that the student has been granted permission to return to China.

According to a report by Sin Chew Daily, Huang Yi, a 36-year-old from Beijing, arrived at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan in March this year to pursue a Master’s degree in Business once the COVID-19 situation had stabilized.

Due to his condition of having type B hepatitis, a liver infection, he required a special visa to continue studying in the country.

Huang paid RM 6,000 to an “agent” to obtain a special visa

Huang Yi paid RM 6,000 (approximately 1,283 USD) to an “agent” to obtain the special visa, but little did he know that it would mark the beginning of his nightmare.

His lawyer, Lee Sok Wah, informed Sin Chew Daily that he was scheduled to return to China on 3 June together with another female Chinese student.

However, upon arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), he was arrested for having fake stamps on his passport and was subsequently detained at the immigration detention center on the following day (4th).

According to info shared on Ms Lee’s Facebook, Huang was charged with possessing a passport bearing forged stamps.

She said that by right, the student was met with fraud and cheated in Malaysia and should receive help from the Malaysian government to locate the fraudster so as to prove his own innocence.

“However, despite receiving evidence from his university of his lawful entry to Malaysia, and proof that he is a diligent student with perfect attendance in classes, the investigating officer of the immigration office still opted to detain the student at the detention centre near KLIA. ”

Having been held at the Airport Immigration Depot for nearly two weeks, Huang despised the crowded environment and chose to plead guilty in order to return to his home country as quickly as possible.

As a result of the lawyer’s appeal to the judge, he was fined RM750 (approximately 160 USD).

Ms. Lee mentioned that the cases of the two individuals were resolved through guilty pleas on 13 June.

The fine for overstaying is RM30 per day, and there is no doubt about the payment of the owed fine. The female student was permitted to return to China on 27 June after paying the fine.

The lawyer criticised excessive bureaucracy within the immigration department

Unfortunately, Ms. Lee expressed that Huang has encountered excessive bureaucracy within the immigration department, which has kept him confined for nearly a month since his initial detention.

Ms. Lee pointed out that once the judicial process is complete, the Semenyih detention center requires official documents approved by the Attorney General’s Chambers in order to release Huang Yi.

However, the documents did not deliver to the detention center until 3 July.

She mentioned that Huang Yi was transferred to the detention center on 16 June, and all the individuals detained with him were either criminals or individuals with illnesses. Frequent fights have caused him immense mental distress, pushing him to the brink of collapse.

Huang go on a hunger strike to protest his prolonged detention

Ms Lee revealed that last Monday (26 June) when he visited Huang, he had been on a hunger strike for a day. She could only advise him not to continue the hunger strike.

“He cried and told me that he ‘would rather be dead.’ One of his roommates was sent to the hospital a few days ago due to tuberculosis, and Huang Yi himself also has type B hepatitis. ”

“His family in China is not only concerned about his mental well-being but also about how long his body can endure,” added Ms. Lee.

Huang’s wife anxiously awaits his return and, upon hearing about his hunger strike, hastily sent a voice message seeking help from Ms. Lee, desperately hoping to rescue her husband as soon as possible.

In the voice message, she tearfully expressed her husband’s lack of support in Malaysia and her fear for his safety.

She even said, “If they want money, give them money, give them whatever they want. I just want our loved one to come back quickly!”

Ms. Lee has written letters to the Malaysian Prime Minister, several other ministers, and the Director-General of the Immigration Department, urging them to pay attention to the case and expedite Huang Yi’s release.

The student finally allowed to return to China on 3 July

Fortunately, in a recent update, the lawyer shared the good news that Huang has finally been allowed to return to his home country.

Ms. Lee shared that on Monday (3 July) morning, the Semenyih Detention Center informed her that Huang was allowed to purchase a flight ticket to return to China.

Ms. Lee immediately bought a flight for tonight with Malaysia Airlines, which offers a direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. However, the detention center informed her that Malaysia Airlines requires a three-day notice to accept passengers for repatriation.

To ensure Huang reunites with his family as soon as possible, the lawyer then purchased tickets from another airline, Malindo, which does not have this restriction. However, this airline only flies to Guangzhou.

“Well, Guangzhou is Guangzhou then. As long as Huang can leave Malaysia immediately, everything is okay,” remarked the lawyer.



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