Game on: How IT monitoring is set to power the summer of sport

With the Euros, Olympics and Paralympics almost upon us, fans all over the world are looking forward to yet another summer full of different sporting events. Front of mind will be watching favourite teams and individual athletes compete to win. However, in order for the games and tournaments to be a true success, organizers and stadium operators not only need athletes to perform well. They also need to have a functioning IT network.

Sporting venues often have extremely complex infrastructures. They can incorporate multiple data centers, spread out across different locations. For stadium operators, gaining visibility of these locations has never been more important. They need to be able to spot and act against any abnormalities as soon as possible, otherwise they risk damaging the fan experience and potentially even needing to cancel games.

Martin Hodgson

Director for Northern Europe at Paessler AG.

Transforming the fan experience with modern technologies


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