Fable 4 – everything we know about the new Fable game so far

Fable 4, also currently just known as Fable, is a reboot of a beloved trilogy of fantasy action role-playing games (RPGs) originally developed by Lionhead Studios. However, the series is in the process of being revived under its new stewards Playground Games. 

The Fable series is renowned for two things: enabling the player to craft exactly the kind of character they want and side-splitting dark humor. For some, the original trilogy stands among the best RPGs ever made, offering an emphasis on player agency that rivals some of the best single-player games. Fortunately, if Fable 4‘s latest trailer is anything to go by, it looks as though we can expect the latter in spades. While we’ve not seen any reveals as to the upcoming game’s mechanics, the latest trailer did show off some stellar writing, as well as a hilarious performance from British actor Matt King.


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