Amber Heard’s Australian Smuggling Case Rumoured To Have Attracted the Attention of FBI


After the disastrous trial, Amber Heard is facing even more legal crises with the FBI assisting the Australian government as it proceeds with its investigation of perjury testimonies. The actress is being examined by Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Water, and Environment (DAWE) to check if she lied under oath after bringing her pet dogs into the country illegally in May 2015.

FBI is investigating on Amber Heard's case
FBI is investigating Amber Heard’s case

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The case started when,  and Johnny Depp toured Australia in March 2015, with her carrying their two Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo, along. Following this event, the former couple got into an argument, which turned into a horrendous truth of Johnny Depp’s finger being severed, and her problems started from the point that she checked “no” on her immigration card about importing anything into the country without permission that had to be proclaimed.

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FBI Watching Over Amber Heard’s Australia Investigation

Amber Heard could be imprisoned for a case of dog trafficking
Amber Heard could be imprisoned for a case of dog trafficking

Due to Australia’s strict quarantine rules, the law says that foreign dogs must be quarantined for 10 days when first brought to the country. Based on this, officials asked Amber Heard to have the dogs sent away or be euthanized. Johnny Depp then returned to the United States with them, while the actress was charged with illegally bringing them along to Australia in July 2015.

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Amber Heard gets into trouble after bringing her dogs illegally
Amber Heard gets into trouble after bringing her dogs illegally

The actress was found guilty to a lesser charge of manipulating documents in 2016, a DAWE representative reported to Newsweek during their recent defamation case that the department was still looking at perjury statements against the actress. The FBI still hasn’t verified whether they were working for Australian authorities, on the other hand, a retired agent reported to the Law & Crime website that their share wouldn’t be unusual. Bobby Chacon reported to Law & Crime that:

“The FBI maintains an office in Canberra, and there are FBI agents permanently assigned to Australia [on a rotating basis].”

“Part of their mission is liaison and assistance, so if the Australians needed something from here in the U.S. they would certainly contact the FBI’s Australia office and the FBI would likely assist.”

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