5 easy ways to relocate to Canada, US, UK, Australia, etc.


Now, that’s a lot of people leaving the motherland! And you can’t blame them because most people leave in search of better economic opportunities and standard of living. A study by the United Nations University found that economic inequality, political instability and climate change are among the factors driving more Africans to immigrate.

Tips for successful Immigration

As you may well know, there is more to immigration than just packing your luggage and going off; especially so in the 21st century. The decision to immigrate is one that requires a lot of consideration and planning. Among these considerations are the questions: what is the best route for me to immigrate? And which country should I immigrate to?

We understand that some of our readers are among those currently considering and planning to immigrate. We also understand that this phase can be very confusing and difficult. That’s why we figured to share some useful insights by highlighting the five proven ways Africans can easily immigrate to Europe, North America and other desired destinations.

Below are the 5 proven ways Africans can easily immigrate to Canada, US, UK, Australia, etc.

This is a very viable option for young Africans specifically hoping to immigrate to the United Kingdom. According to information available on the UK’s Home Office website, “the Graduate route allows the UK to retain the brightest and the best international students to contribute to society and the economy post-study under the points-based immigration system.”

There are several ways to go about this route. For one, you can start by self-funding your study in the UK or getting a fully-funded scholarship that does no require you to return to your home country after completion of studies. And after getting your visa and flying over to the otherwise, it behooves of you to study hard and make very good grades so you may be desirable to employers.

2. Work/Skilled Labour Route

Another easy way a lot of Africans are easily immigrating to other parts of the world is through the skilled labour route. As its name suggests, this route requires you to be skilled and capable of working in order to make meaningful contributions to the economies of the country you are hoping to immigrate to.

Countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia and more are constantly on the look-out for doctors, nurses, radiologists, IT professionals and other skilled workers. And this presents such immense opportunities for Africans. However, you will be required to pass certain tests as well as meet other criteria before you can immigrate.

Also, note that companies with global operations (such as PwC, Ernst $ Young, Nestle, etc.) are known to periodically facilitate the visa application process for some of their African employees. But that is usually on the condition that the said employees have been able to secure jobs abroad. A former employee of one of the Big-4 in Nigeria who recently immigrated to the UK, said this to Business Insider Africa:

“In my industry, our experience can be transferred across firms and countries However, for some countries, you might need to write additional exams to be able to practice at certain levels. For the UK, I did not need any additional exam. I applied for a job and got one and the company sponsored my visa and I travelled”.

3. The Permanent Residency Route

Chances are, you have heard of the Canadian Permanent Residency Programme. A lot of people from around the world, including Africans, have been able to easily immigrate to the North American country through this route.

According to findings by Business Insider Africa, the Canadian PR programme is handled by a Canadian government department known as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, IRCC. The IRCC “facilitates the entry of permanent residents in a way that maximizes their economic, social, and cultural contribution to Canada while at the same time protecting the health, safety, and security of Canadians.”

To immigrate to Canada through the Permanent Residency route, you will need to pass the eligibility test. You may visit the Canadian immigration office’s website to learn more.

It’s important to point out that Australia also has a permanent residency. You may learn about the requirements for that by visiting the Australian immigration department’s website.

This is perhaps the easiest way some Africans are able to immigrate to Europe, America, Asia and other places. The basic thing that is required of you is to fall in love and marry someone who is already resident abroad. And voila! You are on your way…

Oh well, maybe it’s not as easy as it sounds after all. Different countries have their different requirements for spousal visa. So, do the needful first by falling in love and marrying the love of your life. Afterwards, find out the spousal visa requirements for the country he or she is resident in.

5. Citizenship by investment Route

This option is mostly favoured by high net worth Africans. As its name indicates, it basically entails securing the citizenship/passport of another country by way of investing in the country. Again, this is not a route that is available to most Africans. However, if you have the wherewithal to explore it, then why not!


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